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A Mass Rally and Protest, January 20-21, 2017, Washington D.C.

Occupy Inauguration

A New Independent Coalition for the 99% Begins Here.



Occupy Inauguration is a mass rally and protest in Washington, D.C. during Inauguration on January 20-21,2017.

From day one of the new administration, our movements will need to unite and fight to advance the revolution. We reject the domination of Wall Street and the billionaire class over our society and oppose this rigged political and economic system. We stand against both the danger Trump represents and the corruption that backed Clinton. Neither party represents the interest of the 99%.

The goal of this action is to build a new, independent coalition movement for the 99% that stands outside the stranglehold duopoly of the GOP and DNC. We believe the 99% needs it’s own political representation that rejects all corporate cash and influence, and puts people and planet over profits.

Our Endorsers Include:

Occupy Wall Street, Green Party of the United States, Liberty Tree, Code Pink, Socialist Alternative, Climate Revolution, Justice Party, Progressive Independent Party, Move to Amend, Popular Resistance, Roots Action, Veteran’s for Peace, Eco-Activist Julia Butterfly Hill, Indigenous Environmental Network, Seattle Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, Native Organizers Alliance, Real Progressives, Activate Now, Demand for Universal Healthcare, Progress for All, Law Professor and Chairman Progress for All Tim Canova, Former North Dakota Congressional Candidate Chase Iron Eyes, Bernie Delegate Speaking Panel, Equality Coalition, United Progressive Coalition, Native American Activist and Former Vice Presidential Candidate Winona LaDuke, Move to Amend Nat’l Spokesperson and Stein/Baraka Campaign 2016 Manager David Cobb, Standing Rock Camp Coordinator and Lakota Elder Activist Phyllis Young, Progressive Global Commons, United for Peace and Justice.

Occupy Inauguration National Steering Committee:

  • Calvin Priest - Socialist Alternative
  • David Cobb - Stein/Baraka 2016 Campaign
  • Keyan Bliss, Move to Amend
  • L. George Friday, Move to Amend
  • Steve Grumbine, Real Progressives
  • Daniel Curio, The Equality Coalition
  • James Waltz, The Equality Coalition
  • Evan K. Duke III, Grassroots Organizer
  • Araquel Bloss, Progressive Independent Party

Confirmed Permits, Events and Speakers:

  • Permits: Malcolm X Park, Franklin Square, and March permit.
  • January 19th:
  • January 20th: 
  • 9:30 AM Occupy Inauguration Rally begins at Malcolm X Park
    • Jill Stein (Green Party 2016 Presidential Candidate)
    • Jumping Buffalo (Great Great Grandson of Chief Sitting Bull)
    • Asa Kahlif (Movement for Black Lives Matter)
    • Charles Eisenstein (Gift Economics, Debt Theory)
    • L. George Friday (Move to Amend)
    • IIYC (International Indigenous Youth Council)
    • Tim Canova (Progress for All)
    • Steve Grumbine (Real Progressives)
    • Lindsey Disler (United Students Against Sweatshops)
    • Daniel Curcio (The Equality Coalition)
    • Pat Elder (Anti-War Activist)
    • Red Dawn Foster (#FreeRedFawn, Standing Rock Activist)
    • Drew Geliebter (Solidarity Forum, a.k.a DNC Action Committee)
    • Chenae Bullock (Standing Rock Activist)
    • Cheryl Angel (Standing Rock Activist)
    • Matt De Vlieger (United for Peace and Justice)
    • Ed Higgins (Activate Now)
    • Coalition 57
    • Two Speakers TBA
  • 12:15 PM Occupy Inauguration March begins at 12:00PM from Malcolm X to McPherson Square. The Occupy Inauguration March will open with First Nation Ceremony and Drum. The Occupy Inauguration March will merge with the Disrupt J20 march in the middle and end at McPherson Square.  
  • 1:30 PM Press Availability at McPherson Square
  • 2:00 PM Rally at McPherson Square
  • Speakers include:
    • First Nation Ceremony and Drum
    • IIYC, (International Indigenous Youth Council)
    • Chase Iron Eyes, (#LastRealIndians)
    • Sameera Khan, (Muslim American Activist)
    • Kandi Mosset, (Indigenous Environmental Network)
    • Sioux Z, (Water Protector)
    • Red Dawn Foster, (#FreeRedFawn)
    • Tara Houska, (Honor the Earth)
    • Alicia Garza, (Black Lives Matter)
    • Darakshan Raja, (Muslim American Activist)
    • Cynthia James, (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee)
    • Josh Fox, (Climate Revolution)
    • Lee Camp, (Redacted Tonight)
    • Dallas Goldtooth, (Indigenous Environmental Network)
    • Yahne Ndgo, (National Activist)
    • Dennis Banks, (American Indian Movement)
    • Bryan Koulouris (Socialist Alternative)  
  • Music:
    • Ta'Sina Sapa Win & Jasilyn Charger, (International Indigenous Youth Council)
    • Matene Strikes First, (Spirit Horse Nation)
    • Akwesasne Women Singers
    • Bethany Yarrow
    • Adam Elfers, (#DefundDAPL)
    • Robbie Romero
    • Bread and Puppets Theater
    • Anit Flag
    • Def-I
    • Supaman
  • January 21
  • 10:30am-4pm Green News Network Live Stream
  • More Information:  
  • 4:30pm Press Availability at Almas Temple
  • 5:30pm Inaugurate the Resistance at Almas Temple
  • Ticket Admission at Door
  • Speaking Panel: 
    • Jill Stein, Kshama Sawant, Chris Hedges, and Chase IronEyes

        Our Links:

  • Donate:
  • Promo Video:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @SeeYouInDC



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